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Buy White Alba Truffles. white alba truffles are widely referred to as the greatest white truffle, and possibly the greatest truffle overall, known to man. The words used to talk about the rich flavor and aroma of this truffle cheesy, garlicky, moldy, oniony, cabbagy. Also more fall far short of describing the actual experience of eating one. The limited amount of food connoisseurs that try it each year usually sum it up in just one word heavenly. Their marbled, creamy interior riddled with ivory veins. Along with their reported aphrodisiac properties further add to the truffle’s earned reputation.

Other Names: Truffle of the White Mother, trifola d’Alba Madonna, Tuber magnatum (scientific name)

Season: October-December

Origin: Alda, Piedmont Region, Northern Italy

Shelf Life

White alba truffles will stay fresh for 7-10 days. Store them wrapped in a paper towel in an open paper bag inside your refrigerator. Be sure to check the paper towel for dampness on a daily basis and change it as needed.

Nutritional Facts/Buy White Alba Truffles

The typical serving of white Alba truffles is just 5-7 grams per person per dish due to the truffles potency. Because of this, little nutritional value is gained when eating truffles. However, even large amounts of truffles wouldn’t be bad for you. Oregon white truffles are low in calories but high in protein, iron, zinc, fiber, and more. (Source)


The Italian Alba truffle may be sliced and inserted under the skin of poultry or into slits in pot roasts. On the other hand, many purists believe that this particular truffle should be used exclusively to top off already cooked dishes to experience its full flavor. Risottos, pastas, pot roasts, and potato or egg dishes are ideal bases for this culinary treasure. Alba truffles pair wonderfully with butter, cheese, crab, chicken, and beef.

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