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US Chanterelle Mushrooms for sale.

US Chanterelle Mushrooms for sale.  The people of east Coast claim their chanterelle taste slightly better. They are perhaps most favored throughout Oregon an Chanterelle mushroom are very popular in Asia, Europe, and North America where they grow. Those on the US Ed the rest of the West Coast. They can grow larger than the width of two hands and two-pound specimens are common. Oregon loves them so much that they’ve even named the golden chanterelle their state mushroom. The crevices of the mushroom can trap dirt that is difficult to dislodge, but cleaning is a necessary step for a worthy reward. Our fresh US Chanterelle mushrooms have an apricot like aroma and a subtle, peppery flavor. This combination makes them ideal additions in gravy and sauces to pour over mashed potatoes or pasta or served sautéed as an appetizer.

Other Names: Chanterelle, girolle, pfifferling

Season: August-December for Pacific NW season

May-July for European season

Origin: Pacific NW, and other US regions.

Shelf Life: Up to ten days fresh. A year or longer dried. Several months frozen.

Nutritional Facts/US Chanterelle Mushrooms for sale. 

Chanterelles are considered to be one of the richest sources of Vitamin D known and have very high levels of potassium. 1 Cup (54g) of chanterelle mushrooms contains 21 calories, 273 mg potassium,  2g of fiber, 10% of daily needed iron, and 28% of daily  needed Vitamin D (based on a 2,000 calorie diet).

Scientific Facts: It is believed that the chanterelle mushroom may contain insecticidal qualities that protect it from bugs, bacteria, and other organisms while still being completely safe for human consumption. It’s also mycorrhizal, meaning it shares a symbiotic relationship with tree roots.

Tips: The golden chanterelle’s firm, chewy texture holds up well when simply sautéed with butter and herbs or added to soups, stews, nutty grain dishes, and fowl and game dishes.

Chanterelle mushrooms work exceptionally well with any dairy products; butter, cream, eggs and cheese really make them shine.  Other good pairings include shallots, mussels, game birds, thyme, lentils and garlic.

Before cooking, clean gently with a damp paper towel or soft-bristled brush to remove debris.

US Chanterelle Mushrooms for sale.

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