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Fresh wild morel mushrooms are sought after for their earthy, robust, nutty flavor and unique honeycomb appearance that adds festivity to stews, pastas, and even grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Buy fresh morel mushrooms. Fresh Morel Mushrooms. Destruction is sometimes nature’s way of paving the way for new creation. Such is the case with morels, a mushroom sought after for its earthy, robust flavors, unique appearance, and resistance to domestication. Wherever a fire occurs, morels almost always grow in the same spot the following spring. Morels come in a range of colors from a rich tan, blonde, or grey to an extremely dark brown. Their aroma is earthy and woodsy, and unlike many mushrooms, they taste almost how they smell. Morel mushrooms are one of the very first fungi to inhabit a forest after a fire, which would explain the intense earthy, smoky and nutty flavors that characterize their taste.

Other Names: Fire morels, burn morels.

Season: April-July. Dried morel mushrooms are available year round.

Origin: Pacific Northwest, USA

Shelf Life

Morels will last up to two weeks fresh, a year or longer dried, and several months frozen.

Nutritional Facts/ buy morel mushrooms

Morel mushroom is one of the highest plant based sources of Vitamin D and iron. Just one cup holds 22 percent of the RDA of Vitamin D*, 44 percent of the iron recommended for women and 100% of the iron recommended for men. Vitamin D assists calcium absorption, controls blood pressure, and stimulates the immune system while iron boosts the oxygen levels in blood cells. The same amount of morels also contains 8% of the RDA of Vitamin B, which is the key factor in turning food into energy.  Together, these nutrients lead to higher energy levels, a more alert mind, and fewer illnesses.


Fresh wild morel mushrooms are not improved by extensive washing or soaking. It may ruin the delicate flavor and require long cooking time. Any visible soil should be removed with a soft bristled brush. To be saved for later, morels can be flash frozen by running them under cold water. putting them on a cookie sheet and placing them into a freezer. The frozen glaze will protect them for a long time in airtight plastic containers. However, when thawed their cap may turn slightly mushy. Morels are perfect for sauces, stews, pastas, and even grilled cheese sandwiches. They are particularly delicious in dishes with butter, asparagus, garlic, lamb, fiddlehead ferns, ramps, caraway seeds, bacon, wild salmon, eggs (scrambled, omelettes, baked eggs, frittatas), cream, parmesan cheese, and other wild mushrooms.

*Recommended daily amounts based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Fresh Morel Mushrooms .

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