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Hedgehog mushrooms have a warm buttery flavor with an occasional peppery note and a firm texture. Known as a great stand-in for chanterelles, they’ve also been featured in empanadas, alongside polenta, scalloped with potatoes, and in many other dishes.



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Buy Hedgehog Mushrooms. Hedgehog Mushrooms may be one of the lesser known varieties of wild mushrooms, but they shouldn’t be overlooked.  These small brown and white mushrooms get their name from the quill like spore bearers. They claim in place of regular gills.  Hedgehog mushrooms have a warm buttery flavor with an occasional peppery note and a firm texture. This flavor and texture has been compared to the chanterelle. A mushroom that hedgehogs also share microscopic qualities with and may be related to. Hedgehogs have been featured and can be prepared in empanadas, alongside polenta, scalloped with potatoes, and incorporated into many other dishes.

Other Names: Sweet tooth, wood hedgehog, hydnum repandum

Season: November-March

Origin: Pacific Northwest, USA

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Shelf Life

Hedgehogs are best consumed within ten days while fresh, but may also be frozen for several months and will retain their flavor for over a year when dried.

Nutritional Facts/Buy Hedgehog Mushrooms. 

100 grams of hedgehog mushrooms are extremely high in iron (292% RDA) and manganese (1,105% RDA), very high in magnesium (65% RDA), calcium (60% RDA), and zinc (60% RDA), and high in protein (about 35% RDA). This makes them one of the most nutritional mushrooms around and an invaluable source of iron for those who don’t include meat in their diets (vegans, vegetarians).  With this combination of nutrients, hedgehogs will help your body strengthen bones, regulate proper blood clotting and nerve functions, build up energy and cell proteins, fight off viruses, and even increase sex hormones.


Buttery and occasionally peppery.  Hedgehog mushroom is one of the best mushrooms for sautes and are a great stand-in for chanterelles when they are unavailable. There’s no need to soak these mushrooms. Simply use a damp paper towel or a brush to clean off any dirt or debris.

Buy Hedgehog Mushrooms.

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