Huatla Mushrooms


As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Huautla de Jimenez and the Sierra Mazateca were “discovered” in 1955, when the American banker and amateur “ethnomycologist” Gordon Wasson visited the town and consumed psilocybin “magic” mushrooms with the curer María Sabina. He was impressed by what he experienced and, although he had promised to keep her identity a secret, he published an account of his journey in Life Magazine.1 Since then, Huautla and its people have been inextricably linked to mushrooms; the name of the town is itself an icon for the fungi and what they represent to a national and transnational audience.

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buy Huatla Mushrooms. Psilocybe cubensis Huautla recently collected from southern Mexico in the Oaxaca region, close to the village Huautla de jiminez. It has long skinny stalks, and conic to hemispheric caps. An abundant fruiter with fruits from six to ten inches. Colonization temperatures 84/86 degrees F. Fruiting temperatures 74/78 degrees F. is optimal.


Huautla Oaxaca Spores

Huautla Oaxaca Spores mushrooms and their spores are also some of the most sought after psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms ever found.  Spores from the Huautla Oaxaca Spores mushroom are available here at because you asked for them! Find both mushroom spore syringes and also mushroom spore prints. This psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom was first discovered on a farm NOT growing in a pile of dung and straw as its mushroom substrate in Mexico. There is no psilocybin or psilocin contained within magic mushroom spores, making them completely legal to purchase and posses in most jurisdictions throughout the USA. As well as make sure to check your local laws before ordering. The original Huautla Oaxaca Spores mushroom spores’ genetics from the true Huautla Oaxaca Spores psilocybe cubensis mushrooms from Mexico are brought to you by, the leader in mushroom spores.

Spores from this strain are in abundance as it’s a healthy spore depositor.

Huautla Oaxaca Spores magic mushrooms are easy to grow.  Check your local mushroom growing laws.  Growing mushrooms for identification and taxonomy purposes?  We have your spores!

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