Fresh Italian Burgundy Truffles


Similar to but stronger than the black summer truffle, the burgundy truffle has a light chocolaty, earthy flavor and aroma and a slight hazelnut tone. Garnish roasted chickens and grilled steaks, top off your favorite creamy pasta, or grate them and blend with butter or salt to add a savory touch to nearly any meal.



buy Fresh Italian Burgundy Truffles.

Buy fresh italian burgundy truffles. The fresh Italian burgundy truffle is nearly identical to the black summer truffle with a light chocolaty, earthy flavor and aroma and a texture that’s most similar to Parmesan cheese or ground nuts. However, it’s a bit stronger than the summer truffle and also includes a slight hazelnut tone. In fact, these two truffles are the same at the molecular level, leaving only environmental factors to cause these differences. This makes them easy to interchange in recipes when one or the other is unavailable.

Season: September-January

Origin: Italy

Shelf Life: Fresh Italian burgundy truffles should be loosely wrapped in a paper towel and stored in an unsealed bag or container in the refrigerator. Make sure to check the paper towel for dampness and change as needed- truffles will remain edible for two weeks when they’re allowed to breathe. Alternatively, you may also keep your truffles in a container of uncooked rice to increase their shelf life to three weeksMany believe the flavor of the truffle is weakened and absorbed by the rice when stored in this manner, however.

Nutritional Facts: Truffles are use as a garnish. Thus very small amounts are used. Usually, not more then 7 grams per dish per person. Because of this, the typical serving size is lacking in nutrients and minerals. Thankfully, truffles are also low in fats and calories.

Tips: When preparing a dish, try to use about 5 grams of truffles per serving.  A little goes a long way when it comes to these fungi. Garnish roasted chickens and grilled steaks, top off your favorite creamy pasta, or grate them and blend with butter or salt to add a savory touch to nearly any meal.

Fresh Italian Burgundy Truffles.

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